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Walter Munk honored in France

Walter was “knighted” by the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin (Fraternity of Knights of the Wine-Tasting Cub), a brotherhood of Burgundy wine growers and enthusiasts founded in 1934. He was nominated by Alex Robertson and Max Gurney of the Torrey Pines (La Jolla) Rotary Club, who are both knights themselves and who attended along with other La Jollans including Dr. Damien Leloup, Barry and Seonaid Bielinski and, of course, Walter’s wife Mary Coakley-Munk. “It was out of this world,” Robertson reports. “The whole confrerie rose and cheered when he was knighted. It was so emotional and impactful.” Of particular interest to the Frenchmen was the role Munk played in predicting the waves that determined when the U.S. would invade the beaches at Normandy.