Waves Across The Pacific

This documentary showcases Walter Munk's research on waves generated by Antarctic storms. The film documents Munk's collaboration as they track storm-driven waves from Antarctica across the Pacific Ocean to Alaska. The film features scenes of early digital equipment in use in field experiments with Munk's commentary on how unsure they were about using such new technology in remote locations.

Munk Tribute

Stories of an Adventure

This 1994 Emmy award winning program traces the work and adventurous life of renowned oceanographer Walter Munk, from his explorations into the mysteries of waves to monitoring global warming. [2/1997] [Science] [Show ID: 636]

The early Years with Walter Munk

Walter Munk recounts events and personalities involved in UC San Diego's formative years as it grew out of an oceanographic field station now known as Scripps Institution of Oceanography, with former UC San Diego Chancellor and University of California President Richard Atkinson. Recorded on 02/17/2015.

Internal Waves and Ocean Dynamics

Renowned oceanographer and geophysicist Walter Munk talks about the role of internal waves in ocean dynamics. He notes that only in recent years have oceanographers come to understand that internal waves can have a profound impact on what happens near the shore.

Spirit of Discovery

Walter’s achievements

California Senate Adjourns in Memory of Dr. Walter Munk on 2019-02-15.

Walter’s 101

World-renowned Scripps oceanographer Walter Munk turns 101 today!

Walter's Centennial 

Referred to as the "greatest living oceanographer," Walter Munk is widely recognized for his groundbreaking investigations of wave propagation, tides, currents, circulation and other aspects of the ocean and Earth. The 95-year-old scientist and alumnus is still active at Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Symposium on Internal Waves, Turbulence, and the Overturning Circulation of the Ocean. Introduction by Walter Munk Margaret Leinen, Director, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego: Welcome and logistics Mike Gregg, University of Washington: Now for the second act, fifty years after Abyssal Recipes Program

Happy 100th Birthday Walter

More than 180 researchers, students, staff members, and supporters of Scripps Oceanographer gathered on La Jolla Shores beach at low tide earlier this week to wish Walter Munk a happy 100th birthday.

Lecture at University of Delaware

On April 25, 2016, Dr. Walter Munk spoke to a packed house at the University of Delaware's Mitchell Hall, and attendees sat riveted to their seats as he discussed the evolution of his research during a special guest lecture.