Mobula Munkiana

 Munk's Devil Ray is Named after Walter 

( Mobula Munkiana 1987 ) Munk's Devil Ray is found in tropical oceanic and coastal waters. It can be alone, in small groups or in schools, near the surface of the sea or near the seabed. As it swims, water passes into its mouth and exits through its gill slits, which filter out small particles and absorb oxygen from the water. It feeds mainly on mysids and other zooplankton but also consumes small schooling fish. Munk's devil ray has been documented to leap out of the water, either alone or in groups, performing vertical jumps, somersaults and other acrobatic manoeuvres.

Munk's devil ray is ovoviparous, but little is known about its reproductive habits. The single developing young is at first sustained by the egg yolk and later receives nourishment from the uterine fluids in which it is immersed.

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