Damien Leloup

  • Damien is a founding Board Member of the Walter Munk Foundation for the Oceans. He is a French explorer, ROV pilot, and trained Maritime Archaeologist. Damien started his professional life by working for Jacques Cousteau on board Calypso and Alcyone, and went on to build, manage and curate the first green museum of China, the Liaoning Fossil and Geology Park. In 2015 and 2016 Damien was invited by oceanographer Professor Walter Munk to help establish what would become the Scripps Center for Marine Archaeology at UCSD, with its first official expedition at the Chàm Islands, Vietnam in June 2016. Since then Damien has joined Flinders University as a graduate student in Maritime Archaeology to complete his Ph.D.


Email- Damien@WalterMunkFoundation.org